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About the theatre school Teaterbutikken


Teaterbutikken is one of the leading theatre schools for children and young people in Denmark. It is especially known for its tradition of bringing and involving the students in the creative process at a very high level.

Teaterbutikken has many years of experience in focusing on the development of drama, the teaching of theatre and structures in relationships so the individual recognices his or her wealth of ideas and creativity.


The students are taught by teachers with a professionel theatre background, who are also experienced in teaching children and young people.

The teaching process for example is divided in the following way, e.g physical group warm-up, one or several theatre games and drama techniques, solo work, couples- or group assignments with informal presentations, and finally feed back and collective sharing verbally/physically.


Through the daily group teaching, the creative process and performance techniques, the students acquire varied acting techniques and a range of tools, that are very rich and varied in depth, and an aesthetic sense of how to create their own theatre.This is to say, they strengthen and broaden their understanding of theatre and its working practices, whilst at the same time becoming creatively independent.


The Teaterbutikken experience is working with theatre whilst giving children and young people social possibilities plus different, exciting forms of expressive communication. So that the students can also share and pass on their thoughts, ideas and stories.

Basically all the elements that reside in their highly active minds. Thereby they have the possibilty to create and strengthen their own identities, feelings and their self-esteem.

And that is precisely Teaterbutikkens number one goal.

Teaching is divided according to age.

The childrens group for ( 10 to 14 year olds). The youth group for (14 to 17 year olds).The adult group for ( 18 to 21year olds) .

Teaterbutikken produces several performances yearly, during the production period a published manuscript is very seldom used, the production method used is called "Devising".

As a rule we start working from an idea based on a broad theme, from here on the ideas and the theme are the pivotal point for the whole of the production process.

The students ideas are developed under the supervision of their theater teacher, during this process, the teacher and the students speak about "the red thread" which is the link that holds the story together.

The teachers then consider the dramatical aspects of the work and the overall look, the last component is actually directing the work, from the material thats been gathered.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in a collaboration with Teaterbutikken.

Phone: 0045 6163 0667


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